busy and stressed

Are you busy and stressed?

It’s garbage day. Our garbage is overflowing with bags that don’t fit in the the cans. Sorry neighbors. That’s how life feels for me. I’m falling behind. Things are piling up. The laundry. The emails. The texts I haven’t had a chance to reply to. Sorry friends. The birthday invitations stacked that I haven’t bought presents for. I’m that parent that doesn’t RSVP until the day before. When is that party again? There are four soccer game and snack schedules to keep track of.

My kids get out of school at 3:30 and 4:00. Soccer practices usually start at 4:15  almost every day of the week. We come home and have dinner and get homework done before bed.

Did I say that life is good?  It is! I don’t want to complain because I know that I’m blessed. My kids love soccer. We are just busy! And blessed. But sometimes it feels like busy and stressed.

So, all you busy moms out there, let’s take a deep breath in and pray the stress away.

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It's time to be busy and blessed, not busy and stressed!



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