Promises to Fill your Spiritual Cup

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When I was 19 I became very sick and went to the doctor several times only to be sent home with “the flu.”

When my legs became so weak that I could barely walk, I knew it had to be more than just a bad case of the seasonal flu. I went back to the doctor, desperate and pleading for answers. The scale showed a loss of 14 pounds in two weeks. It turns out I had Salmonella food poisoning and was immediately sent to the ER for dehydration.

Have you ever felt spiritually dehydrated?

Do you ever feel spiritually dehydrated? Learn how to be nourished with God's word and fill your spiritual cup with the 40 promises of the cross.

When my four children were 7 and under, I remember thirsting to have time in God’s word. I felt desperate for strength. I longed for my relationship with God to grow deeper, but I never seemed to have uninterrupted time to dig into the Word. I recall praying for my baby to sleep just a little longer so that I could fill my spiritual cup, if only for a few minutes.

When my daughter woke up she was hungry and ready to be fed. To be nourished.

Just like a child needs to have milk, we need to be nourished with God’s word. Click To Tweet

Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation. 1 Peter 2:2

I believe God understands that moms of young children are super busy and exhausted. During these busy seasons in our life, it’s not about the amount of time, necessarily, but that our hearts are still seeking to be filled and satisfied by the Lord.

I felt so desperate for quiet time with God that I began getting up before the kids at 5:30 a.m. I know this isn’t for every mom, so there’s no judgment for the mom who just needs sleep.

If getting up early doesn’t work for you, just try and find some time to read scripture and pray (even listen to it while driving).

Getting up early became a habit for me that I still love to this day (12 years later). I look forward to my quiet mornings with the Lord (and a cup of coffee, of course!). 

I also love to keep a prayer journal. I have prayer journals all the way back from my high-school years.

There’s something special about writing your prayers out to God. I love reading them and seeing how God answered my prayers and walked with me through trials. It truly is a testament to God’s faithfulness!

I love the 40 Promises of the Cross Prayer Journal by Arabah Joy.

Arabah Joy is a missionary who has been in ministry for over 20 years. I’ve taken several of her courses and I love her writing and teaching style.

I love this downloadable journal because it doesn’t take a lot of time, yet immerses you in the word and in prayer! There are 40 promises, so it will take you 40 days to do. And since they say it takes 30 days to form a habit, wouldn’t this be a great way to start the habit of daily reading God’s Word?  

Each day has a section to read Scripture, write the verse out and then write out a prayer claiming the promise. If you’re a busy mom, this is certainly do-able. 

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Promises of The Cross

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Praying the Promises of the Cross is only $12.00 and includes:

– 40 ALL NEW Scriptures in a Quick Start Guide

– Instructions on How to Pray Promises from God’s Word

– 40 Daily mini-devotionals

– 40 beautifully designed and fully customized prayer journal pages for you to journal your thoughts and prayers

– blank journal pages for you to individualize as you like

Click the image below to purchase!

Praying the Promises of the Cross

Maybe you just want to open your Bible and know how to read/study it for yourself? I want to share with you a wonderful course written by my friend Arabah Joy, that will teach you 7 ways to study the Bible in 7 days. Arabah is a missionary who has been in ministry for over 20 years. She’s also a great teacher and I’ve taken several courses from her.

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This is a self-paced, 7-day online course that includes 7 training videos, a workbook, and step-by-step printable worksheets for each method–all for $29.00. Each video will show you how to do each Bible Study Method! You can go at your own pace and you’ll have lifetime access to the course!

If you’ve been struggling in your devotional time, just remember, it’s never too late to start.

Once I started the habit of being in His Word, I just wanted more! 15 minutes turned into an hour and an hour turned into an hour and a half. His Word will give you the nourishment you need to face the day. And you’ll want to keep coming back for more of His living water!

Learn how to study God's Word on your own through this video course by Arabah Joy that will teach you 7 Bible Study Methods in 7 days!

Did you know  I love reading your comments? I would be so happy if you shared your own tips that motivate you to read God’s Word. What time works best for you?



Whatever you are facing today, I pray that God’s Word would fill your cup and give you peace.

I would love to hear how you are doing. When is the best time of day for you to spend with the Lord?


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