Have the circumstances in life knocked you down? Christ has risen indeed and because of that, you can rise above your circumstances!

Are you in need of some encouragement?

I wrote this post last year and thought I’d share it again with you. I’m so thankful my neck is so much better today and I can walk without pain!

This week I found myself laying all night in an ER bed trying to find answers to the incapacitating pain in my neck and shoulder that immobilized me. I focused on God’s attributes from A to Z while entombed in an MRI coffin for what felt like an eternity.

And although I am still waiting for answers, I know that I couldn’t do it without the peace that Christ gives me.

The cross is the greatest reminder that we have purpose in this life. It reminds us that we are loved. The cross is the greatest reminder that we have hope!


Jesus is not on that cross anymore!

Jesus is not on that cross anymore. He is risen indeed! Click To Tweet

That means he is more powerful than death itself.  He loves you! It’s proof! You have a reason to live. There’s a reason to get up. You have hope.

Your life has meaning!

Even if you’re sick.  Maybe you’re suffering in pain and trying to find answers. You don’t know what your future holds.

Maybe you can’t fulfill the expectations you have for yourself. Perhaps you feel like your life doesn’t make a difference.

It does! You matter!

You matter enough for God to send His Only son—God in flesh—-so that you could know he loves you enough to experience what you are going through. He loves you enough to limit himself to an earthly body and although sinless, suffer the punishment that our own sins deserve.

He loves you enough to overcome the sting of death and give you hope for eternity. Comfort in suffering.

Do you need to spiritually rise today?

Look at the cross. He is not there.

If death could not keep him, and we have that same power in our lives through the Holy Spirit, then our trials and sufferings don’t need to keep us in defeat.

We are not defined by our limits.

Jesus defines our future. He has paved the path for our life on earth. He walked that path as he carried the cross on the road to calvary.

When we follow him up that path, though sometimes hard, if we persevere to the end, we’ll see the victory.

The victory of a risen Savior!

And since He is risen, you can rise above your circumstances.

Perhaps not physically just yet, but mentally. You can rise mentally.

Do you need to rise?

Have the circumstances in life knocked you down? Christ has risen indeed and because of that, you can rise above your circumstances!

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