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How to Find Rest In God

Guest Post by Dawn Klinge There are two types of rest:  spiritual and physical.  We need both kinds of rest if we want to be healthy. The following is about spiritual rest.  What does it mean to find rest in God? Trusting in God’s unfailing love, and believing that he...

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5 Reasons You’ll Be Inspired To Work Out

Sometimes I wonder why I do it. I mean, I really don’t see the results I think my amount of effort should show.  Why then, have I pulled my sleepy self out of bed and put on workout clothes for the last 30 years? Yep, I’ve worked out for most of my life.  As a...

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Why God Thinks You’re Beautiful

What do you see when you look in the mirror? When I look in the mirror, my flaws seem to jump out and yell, “Fix Me!” Psalm 139:14 says: I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Wouldn't it be nice to...

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The Wisdom of God by A.W. Tozer: Book Review

Do you want to know how to apply biblical truth in your circumstances and obtain wisdom from God? Lately, I’ve been thirsting to know and understand God’s wisdom in certain areas of my life. I’ve searched for answers to questions like—who can know the wisdom of God...

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A Time To Run And A Time To Walk

I'm so excited to have author Lisa Preuett guest post today. As some of you know, I completed my first half-marathon in April. I learned so many lessons about life and faith from training. When I found out Lisa wrote a devotional for runners that captures the...

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The Weekly Prayer Project: Review

I love journals! I have stashes of them stored away in drawers and cabinets throughout my home. I remember getting my first devotional journal when I was in third grade. Ever since then, I still find such joy in writing my prayers out to the Lord. When I saw The...

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What To Do When Life Knocks You Down

Today I'm happy to introduce a friend who I made a heart connection with right away. She is real. She is genuine. And she has an AMAZING way of loving others.nShe hosted our first ever Higher Ground retreat and is also hosting Higher Ground 2018 that will open up to...

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How To Be A Positive Influence For Your Daughter

Today, I have the privilege of introducing you to my friend Marva. Her blog has inspired me with its vibrant colors and hopeful message from day one!  Marva's personality sparkles the joy of the Lord. I loved meeting her this Spring and seeing God use her gifts. I...

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The Key To Loving Your Spouse Better

Today, it is my honor to introduce you to my friend Dawn Klinge. Before I started blogging, Dawn's writing at Above the Waves  offers hope for us to rise above the waves of hard times. I had the joy of meeting Dawn this Spring and was so blessed. The same calmness I...

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Remarkable Faith: Book Review (Plus Giveaway)!

Remarkable Faith: When Jesus Marveled at the Faith of Unremarkable People I’ve always wanted to have remarkable faith. For some reason, I envision remarkable faith looking a certain way—strong, like David when he fought Goliath and brave, like Daniel in a den of...

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9 Powerful Prayer Prompts For Your Child

When I first met Carmen she ran up to me and gave me a big hug! This woman of God is fun and driven to put God first in everything she does. Her integrity shines. She writes at Married By His Grace and if you have a chance to read her testimony, it's awesome! She also...

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How To Be An Encouragement To Your Spouse

I'm so excited to share a post with you today from a great friend I made when I started blogging almost 2 years ago. She and her husband even designed my blog logo! Alison is one of the sweetest people I know. She is wise well beyond her years. I'm thankful for her...

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6 Great Reasons For Us To Pray

Welcome to the Summer Sizzle Blog Hop! Today I'm so happy to introduce my great friend Melanie! She has been such an encouragement to me. As many of you know, I've been writing about my journey to face fear. This past April when I flew by myself for the first time to...

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What To Do When God Says No

It is my delight to introduce you to my friend, Deb.  She's a woman whom I deeply respect for her knowledge of the Word of God. Every single post she writes is always filled with so much Godly wisdom.  She understands what it's like to have lived in fear and now she...

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