Introducing a new series on facing fear…

(beginning on January 1, 2016)

Start the New Year Facing Your Fears

Does fear interfere with your life?

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A few weeks ago this shocking headline spread in the news.

Woman jumps out of car after seeing a spider, causing crash with 9-year-old inside.

A 35-year-old woman was backing out of her driveway when she noticed a spider on her shoulder. She jumped out of the car before putting it in park, leaving her 9-year-old in the back seat. The boy tried to stop the car but instead of pressing on the brake, he pressed on the gas (in reverse) and the car hit a passing bus. Fortunately, the boy only had minor injuries and nobody was hurt.

You may think this woman is crazy to jump out of her car with her son in it. What would cause a mom to do that? However, if you have a phobia of spiders you probably understand her reaction. I have a fear of spiders, although I certainly hope I wouldn’t leave my son in a moving vehicle to get away from one!

But I do have issues. What kind of mom would wake up her son at 3 am in the morning to kill a spider? Me. A mom afraid to go anywhere near that green, long-legged monstrosity that decided to plop itself right next to me. This spider was so creepy, my son, who has been known to save the day when dad is gone, didn’t even want to go near it. After much begging and bribing, my son was rewarded with a buck for his bravery. And putting up with this nonsense at such an ungodly hour.

The dictionary defines fear as:

“an emotion induced by a threat which causes a change in brain and organ function and ultimately a change in behavior, such as running away, hiding or freezing from traumatic events.”


Start the New Year Facing Your Fear

You have probably heard of this reaction to fear as the fight-or-flight response. During the fight or flight response, cells in the nervous and endocrine systems react to prepare the body for action. This stress response happens instantaneously with simultaneous responses throughout the body.

This website lists the most common fears that people have. How many of them do you have?

Summary of Most Common Fears



public speaking


the dark


death, dying










being alone









being touched

open spaces


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Fear has had a hold on me for far too long. I have been working on conquering fear!  I am determined to figure out practical ways to overcome some of my fears and help others. That is why I am starting a series on facing fear. I want to take my readers along with me on my journey. Ok…disclaimer…guaranteed I won’t be holding any spiders! But I will be taking you through the process I go through to overcome anxiety in certain areas of my life. I’m including guest posts from other bloggers who deal with fear so they can share with you some practical ways to cope. There will be guest posts on facing the fear of public speaking, rejection, failure, separation & death. Sometimes it’s encouraging just to know you are not alone.

I don’t claim to be an expert, only a fellow struggler wishing to impart what I learn through my own experience and research. I will not be addressing severe panic and anxiety disorders since I am not equipped to offer guidance in that area. My next few posts on fear will address the questions that I need to answer in order to understand fear better and how to face it. This series will start on January 1st, 2016!

  • What is healthy fear versus unhealthy fear?

  • How to know whether it’s a fear or a phobia?

  • Is there a process involved in facing fear?

  • Posts/testimonies from bloggers about facing specific fears

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Part of my passion is to provide readers with practical ways to overcome fear.  Here’s an excellent opportunity that will help us face our fears together! It’s a printable resource, by Arabah Joy, that takes you through 5 mini workshops to help you achieve your goals and produce Godly change in your life. It can be used for any goal or change you desire to make. Arabah Joy is my mentor at Christian Bloggers Bootcamp and I highly recommend her resources! I purchased my own copy and I’m working through my goals for 2016.

Grace Goals Course

What I love is that there is an optional Grace Goals Facebook group to join. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to support each other as we work to implement Godly change in our lives?

The course is $15.00 and includes:

-A downloadable comprehensive 48 page workbook with 5 mini workshops

-Printables for each workshop to guide you and help you implement what you learned from the workshop

-Invitation to join the Grace Goals Facebook Group (optional)

You can purchase Grace Goals here. 


I am an affiliate for Grace Goals and receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Please know that I only advertise resources that I love and recommend.

Do you struggle with any fears? What steps have you taken to overcome them? I hope this series will be helpful to you as you learn to face some fears in your own life.

Are you a Christian blogger who struggles (or has struggled) with one of these fears in your life? I’m looking for some guest post submissions and would love for you to participate in this series. You can email me at and I will send you the guidelines.


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